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CALL Scotland is the Scottish centre which helps reduce barriers to learning and overcome disabilities so children can achieve their potential.  They are offering a FREE online workshop on assistive technology to parents and teachers to support learners with additional support needs.  
This is an excellent opportunity to help children and young people use free technology to help them access the curriculum, particularly in literacy and numeracy. 
For example, pupils can have text read to them on documents and websites; change screen colour, and clear busy pages of information to help them focus on key text.  They can use a range of supports to help them write or draw directly onto PDF documents; dictate written text, do maths.  A lot of the assistive technology works on all devices.
These supports are for any children and young people who experience frustration and difficulty accessing learning and demonstrating their learning through more traditional methods.  No specific identification of a learning disability is required for pupils to use assistive technology. 

If you would like to take part in this valuable online workshop then please email 
Frances.Swinburne@southlanarkshire.gov.uk and/or

If you would prefer, you can arrange this through the school by contacting Mrs Yardley.