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Welbeing Wednesday
Welcome to another 'Wellbeing Wednesday'. You will find a range of health and wellbeing activities on Google Classrooms or Learning Journals that you can participate in with your child today.

Supporting the wellbeing of your family is extremely important to us. I have attached a list of local and national agencies who can also support you at this challenging time.

Our wellbeing tip for the week is:

Talk to the kids
You may be worried about the impact the coronavirus pandemic is having on your child. But remember, children are constantly adapting to change, when they start nursery then start school, move into a new year at school, take up new activities or make new friends. Talking to your children and encouraging them to be honest with you about how they feel about the situation will help them face up to it. Listening to what they have to say and taking it seriously will help them feel valued. 

You could also try asking them at the end of the day to think about three things that have gone well or that they’re grateful for. Even if those three things are always the hamster, pizza and Netflix!

This tip was taken from - https://www.parentclub.scot/articles/looking-after-yourself-winter 

Take Care
Mrs Easton