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Some of us can be forgiven for thinking that the Coronovirus situation is all over and done with or at least we're nearly there, wherever that destination is!
For children this may seem the case as some of the things they used to do, have started happening again. However, parents and carers are going to have to continue to help manage all sorts of different situations and find ways of managing social distancing and other restrictions which do continue, as best they can.
There is a lot of information out there and you need to check the information you have is the right information.
If you want to maintain chatting with your family about the virus itself then the WHO (World Health Organisation) website is very good. Here's the link to the site.
It's quite good to read through the basics on this site before you chat with someone about the virus itself.

If you want ideas about how to talk with children about the current situation you could read information from this web site, it's very user friendly.

Things are not the same as they were at the beginning of lockdown and it is for that reason we all need to chat about best to manage things today.
For the Scottish perspective don't forget you can check in on this site
We are in phase 2 at the moment and the rules are on the above page.

Remember just reading through a little bit of this information will at very least help to bring to mind the best words you might want to use when chatting about the issues with any members of you family, from the youngest to the eldest. And remember too, talking with people makes such a difference, to you, for others, positive connections can make a not very good day a lot better.
Wishing everyone a good week ahead.