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Dear AllΒ 
We are going to start a Bulb in a Pot project. We ask you or your child to bring in a small to medium pot in which we can plant three bulbs. The planting will happen at Monday lunchtime when the Gardening Club takes place. You do not have to contribute a plant pot, it is voluntary. If you are willing to provide a ceramic pot, this pot will be held by the school until your child leaves in P7 when the pot can be returned to you. We will notify your class on the app when the pots are to be brought in. Please write your child’s name on the pot. A good way to do this can be by putting masking tape around the pot and writing the name on the masking tape with a Sharpie. Alternatively, they can paint their name on the pot.Β 
This project will start after the October holiday.
Thank you
Ms Bestel