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“📣 Calling all P7 pupils! 📣

Now that we’re in June, we’d like to get you involved in some Leavers activities. We know we can’t do exactly all the events we’d like to, but we’re going to try and get you all participating in some way.

1. Remember to send your ‘Hopes and Dreams’ for the future to add to our Leavers Presentation PowerPoint , as was posted and emailed to you last week.  Thank you to those pupils who have already done so.

2. Usually at our church service, which sadly won’t happen this year, some pupils usually read out a treasured Bankhead memory/poem they have written, to share with your friends, family and schoolmates. We’d like you to write your Bankhead memory/poem, explaining why it is so special to you, adding in details that are funny/happy.
When you have written your memory, you don’t need to send it to us but we’d like you to read aloud/share it while someone is videoing you. Then you can send the video clip to us, and we’ll make a special movie with all your Bankhead memories included.

3. We always have a special Bankhead Leavers Song that we perform in the church. Performing it in the church won’t be possible this year, but we’d still like you guys to have a song. The song selected is ‘Until we meet again’ which is attached, with the new adapted Bankhead lyrics and a piano version for you to sing along to while practising. You'll need to go onto Google Classroom for background music or get in touch and we will email it.

4. Complete the video task Mrs Urquhart is going to assign you. Look at Google Classroom. If you are not on Google Classroom, email and we will send information.

5. Send a baby photo in. Thank you to those who have done so already.

Again, if you could video yourself singing the song, or (if you’re shy!) record yourself singing, then we can, hopefully, link all the recordings to create a Bankhead Leavers Song 2020.

Thank you in advance for helping us with this, P7. We know it’s going to feel very different this year, but we’re trying to do as many Leavers activities as possible and still make it special for you.

Let us know if you have any questions about the activities listed above. We don’t have too much time left, so please get your ‘Hope and Dreams’, memories and song clips to us in the next 2 weeks. 

Send any of the information to our emails as some of you have been doing. Or get in touch via Google Classroom.

We can’t wait to see what you come up with!
Miss Boyd, Mrs Muir and Mrs Wallace