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Wellbeing Wednesday

Welcome to the last 'Wellbeing Wednesday' this term. You will find a range of health and wellbeing activities on Google Classrooms that you can participate in with your child today. I have also attached the NHS parent's resource 'It’s ok to worry about going back to school', to support your child's return to school.

Supporting the wellbeing of your family is extremely important to us.

As our pupils will be returning to school on the 15th, our wellbeing tip for the week is:

Do Something you Love
Remember that time before you had kids, when you could do things like read, play music, go the gym, spend time with your partner or even just watch a TV programme that isn’t aimed at 4 year olds? Try and carve out a bit of time each week to rekindle those lost interests and do something you love. Not only will concentrating on something different help you de-stress, but pursuing an interest can also help raise your self-esteem.

This tip was taken from - https://www.parentclub.scot/articles/looking-after-yourself-winter.

Take Care
Mrs Easton