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Welbeing Wednesday
Welcome to another 'Wellbeing Wednesday'. It’s children’s mental health week. You will find a range of health and wellbeing activities on Google Classrooms or Learning Journals that you can participate in with your child throughout the week.

Our wellbeing tip for the week is:

Banish Negative Thoughts:
The way we think affects the way we feel, so negative thoughts can make us feel bad. No one wants to think negative thoughts. The trouble is, they tend to pop into our heads of their own accord! Sometimes, you can acknowledge the thought and then dismiss it. But sometimes, worrying thoughts get stuck. You’ll find tips for getting rid of them on our page on mental health advice for parents. NHS Inform also have a page on coping with stress which includes an audio guide to help you relax, and an anxiety self help guide

This tip was taken from - https://www.parentclub.scot/articles/looking-after-yourself-winter 

Take Care
Mrs Easton