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Welbeing Wednesday
Welcome to another 'Wellbeing Wednesday'. You will find a range of health and wellbeing activities on Google Classrooms or Learning Journals that you can participate in with your child today.

Thank you for sending video clips of your children dancing to Happy by Pharrell Williams. I hope that you enjoy watching ‘Happy’ at Bankhead. Click the youtube link to watch - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ayqYa-BpVFk

Supporting the wellbeing of your family is extremely important to us.

Our wellbeing tip for the week is:

Join a new group -
With coronavirus restrictions still in place, this may seem an odd time to join a new group. But being part of a local baby or toddler group, or a parent support group, is a good way for you and your kids to make new friends and expand your support network. Many of us have been feeling isolated and powerless over the past year, and chatting to other mums and dads who are in the same boat can really help keep things in perspective. Some groups may be running online rather than ‘in person’ at the moment, but can still provide support and reassurance.

You could ask your health visitor or GP about groups in your area, or check noticeboards in your local child health clinic, health centre, GP's waiting room, children's centre, library, advice centre, supermarket, newsagent, or toy shop. You may also be able to find local groups on Facebook.

This tip was taken from - https://www.parentclub.scot/articles/looking-after-yourself-winter.

Bankhead is also running it’s first online programme for parents next week, ‘Staying Strong’, please contact me if you are interested in being part of the programme.

Take Care
Mrs Easton