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Thank you for completing the school parent remote learning survey. Here is our response below. I have also attached the full results from the survey.

Remote Learning School Parent Survey Response

Are you able to access all learning resources on Google Classrooms for your child/ren? If no, which resources are you finding difficult to access?
Please contact the school via email or telephone if you are unable to access any resources on Google Classrooms. You will also find a step-by-step guide to accessing Google Classrooms on the school app at the beginning of the school and nursery continuity of learning plan.

How would you describe the remote learning planned for your child? Too much, just right, too little
Please remember that you do not need to complete all of the work with your child, we understand that this is a difficult time for families and do what you can do with your child. If you feel that there is not enough work then complete activities from the ‘Whole School Google Classroom’ page and whole school activities that are shared through your child’s own Goggle Classroom page.

 I am satisfied with the information/ communication about remote learning (help guides, videos, emails, phone calls etc.) I feel I have been supported in accessing Google Classroom with my child.
Please contact the school at anytime if you are unclear about any information that we share, we are always happy to help.

Are you happy with the level of teacher engagement for your child/ren online? Please explain your answer further in the next box, thanks.
Each day your child has the opportunity to participate in live interactions with their class teacher for 30 minutes. Throughout the day your child’s teacher will be able to answer any questions on their Google Classroom’s stream or via email.

Each class teacher also arranges a daily check in and out for your child to engage with.

Teachers also engage with your child’s learning through e.g. Sumdog results.

Teachers share their plans for the week on the school app and then break this down on a daily basis on their Google Classrooms page.

All work that has been assigned will be marked and commented on by each class teacher to provide your child with valuable feedback for their work.
Teachers also engage through pre recorded lessons for you to watch at a convenient time for your family.

As a school we also engage with families through whole school activities, such as, Wellbeing Wednesday.

We would welcome any further suggestions from parents/carers.

Do you know who to contact if your child is experiencing difficulties with their remote learning? Take care
Mrs Easton