Good morning to you all, Room 10! I hope that you and your families are keeping well.

I’ve added the weekly task grid and all your activities into the Classwork page in our Google Classroom. You can also find the task grid attached below. We have quite a few different headings now, so look for all the activities that have today’s date, 04/05/20.

As Mr Hamill stated in his message on the school app last week, this week is a short week for learning, as Thursday and Friday are an in-service day and a holiday. So, Mrs Wallace and I will not be posting any messages in our Google Classroom on Thursday and Friday this week, in order to let you relax, unwind and enjoy your days off.

As always, this is a working day for me too, so I'm available to assist with any questions, technical issues or problems you might have. Please get in touch if I can help you in any way, either by posting in our Google Classroom, or privately by email if you'd prefer.

Have a marvellous Monday, everyone!
Best wishes,
Mrs MuirΒ  Β yeswink