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Welcome to our parent/carer 'Wellbeing Wednesday'. I have attached the resilience alphabet and a play process that might be useful for your family.

Each week we will share a top health and wellbeing tip.

This week the focus is on building stress resilience in families during lockdown. Stress resilience is the ability to recover quickly and easily from stress, upsets and setbacks. The five key mind body skills that help to build stress resilience in adults are –
  1. Self-awareness – By being aware of your body responses
  2. Attention – Focussing by being in the here and now
  3. Letting go physically – Letting go of muscles and tensions
  4. Letting go mentally – Creating mental space and placing an emphasis on changing negative and unhelpful beliefs
  5. Accessing and sustaining positive emotion - Giving your attention to positivity
As an adult to relieve stress an activity that may help is taking a different route when going for your daily exercise for a change of scenery or taking a walk by yourself to clear your head.

If you need any support for your family please email the school and we will contact you.
Take care