Whilst a lot has changed over the last few months, some things have stayed the same. Family relationships may have had their ups and downs and sometimes it might seem important to have a conversation to bring you all together but with so few events in our lives it can be more difficult to find things to chat about. We have a suggestion for you, your children and your extended family. Don't forget you can include your pretend aunties and uncles too.
Ask the children to name one thing in their home that they really like, or that they love.
Some children we asked came up with this range of things, the children are age two to seven. They mentioned; glue, love-hearts (drawing them, colouring them in, sticking them in books) getting up in the morning and playing games, going on adventures, unicorns, my family.
The grown-up answers were a little bit different and ranged from: hiding upstairs eating ice-cream, solitude, enjoying a film together with popcorn at home, rain during the night so the garden grows nicely, the dog, the cat,
Once you've got your list you can put it on the fridge. Next time you see extended family (or if you are still phoning or zooming) ask them about their favourite things. Ask questions about them you'll be surprised how much comes out. You can repeat this in a month's time and see if things have changed or been added. It will give opportunities for humour, pause and reflection. We hope you enjoy this little activity.